Slam dunk a basketball! sometimes's it's different.

Really not my best programming, but I had fun making it

All you have to do is get the ball to the hoop. Sometimes you have to pick up the ball, sometimes you have to jump on a platform to reach the hoop.

Also, note about the difficulty: I made it easier over time so you just have to focus on dunking the basketball.

Did a quick update to make the game player square, no cart contents were changed.

Did another update, this time to add a new version available for download. This greatly reduces the tokens required (from ~1500 to ~800). This does not replace the playable version.

Changes in post-jam edition:

  • Moved ball closer to player while jumping to less confuse players about the hitbox
  • Reduced tokens by removing all tables. I'm sorry.
  • Changed difficulty to have a random chance of retrieve ball/jump on platform only if the level is pretty low.
  • Forgot to add clouds, again.
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Made withPICO-8


Dunk - Jam edition 55 kB
Dunk - Post-jam update 55 kB


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Best submission I have seen so far! I borrow a lot of code from you to make my game. Thanks a lot for the inspiration!


Love this one!  Solid and fun, and the variation of the backgrounds was a nice touch.


So many ways the color and arrangement can show up.
It's amazing! 🙌🏀🧺